We believe…

1. There is one God and He exists eternally in three persons as Father, Son, and
Holy Spirit. Each member of the Trinity is co-equal, yet have different functions
in the redemptive plan of God.


2. The Bible is God’s authoritative revelation of Himself to humanity and is not
mixed with any error in its origin.


3. Jesus Christ, as God the Son, is the final revelation of God. Jesus was born of a
virgin, led a sinless life, performed miracles, and become God’s final atoning
sacrifice through His substitutionary death on the Cross. He conquered death
and the grave through His bodily resurrection, ascended to Heaven where He
dwells in Lordship, and will return to Earth to resurrect His followers to eternal
fellowship and judge the World.


4. Humanity is born and naturally exists in a fallen state since Adam and Eve’s sin
in the Garden of Eden and remains separated from God, spiritually. This
fallenness impacts every area of a person’s life and is only transformed by the
regenerating work of the Holy Spirit on the basis of God’s grace alone. Salvation
comes to an individual as they repent and believe by faith in the finished work of
Jesus Christ on their behalf.


5. God designed His people to dwell with Him in spiritual relationship in the Lord
Jesus Christ, expressed most fully within a local church setting alongside other
Believers. We are called as followers of Christ to live a life of obedience to God’s
Word and shares His Good news with others.


At Relentless Pursuit Outreach & Recovery, we will be sharing the above teachings to all of our residents, either through daily devotions, Bible studies, and chapel messages. However, we will NOT force any religion and/or set of beliefs to our residents, but rather present them with the opportunity of knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


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We seek to create a world free from sexual exploitation through enacting justice, providing recovery and training, and educating the public.

Change is possible!



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