Learn the Facts

One of the best ways to spread awareness of the issue of sexual exploitation is through education. People must understand how human trafficking impacts their community and be able to notice the warning signs. Here are a list of facts and resources for more information on the issue.


People who have been trafficked and sexually exploited may: 

  • believe they must work against their will 

  • show fear & anxiety

  • suffer injuries or impairments typical of certain jobs, control measures, or assault 

  • be distrustful of authorities 

  • not know their home or work address 

  • work long hours or have few or no days off

  • be of any age, although the age may vary according to the location and the market 

  • live or travel in a group

  • have tattoos or other marks indicating "ownership" by their exploiters 

  • be escorted whenever they go to and return from work and other outside activities

  • older boyfriend, new friends with different lifestyle, gang involvement  

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