RPOR Board Member Spotlight: Lee Gibson

lee gibson founder

Lee Gibson, Founder of RPOR | President & Executive Director

Lee founded RPOR in 2019 and has been working as the President and Executive Director for 3 years.

Learn more about Lee, his reasoning to start RPOR, and his role as President / Executive Director for RPOR below.


Q: What type of work did you do before joining the RPOR team?

A: I am currently the Vice President of Special Programs for Patriot Group International. I have been a firefighter, police officer, soldier, MMA fighter, analyst, and commercial diver, I even tried bull riding but that didn’t work out so great!

Q: Explain what your role is here at RPOR and what a typical day looks like on the job:

A: My role at RPOR is to lead the merry band of freedom fighters we have amassed to take the fight to the enemy and help as many women and girls as we can!

Hahaha! There is nothing typical about a day at RPOR! The fight we have decided to take on is very complex and unpredictable, to say the least. One day we might be serving the ladies at our Drop-In Center and the next day we will be in Tampa trying to identify victims online – then the phone rings and we are looking for resources for a victim that Law Enforcement has come in contact with.

You could find us supporting Law Enforcement efforts during a sting operation for pedophiles or doing outreach in parts of the city that may not know about our Drop-In Center. The only thing typical about a day at RPOR is that it will be interesting!

lee gibson at rpor drop in center

Q: What about our mission resonates with you and why?

A: It all resonates with me! What better mission is there than to serve an extremely vulnerable population and let them know that we are here, we see them and will help them when they are ready.

Bringing justice to offenders is rewarding because if you choose to do evil you should be held accountable. Educating others on prevention and awareness strengthens the other missions and we should all strive to be leaders in our community.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish (or learn) during your time here at RPOR?

A: #1 To make pedophiles, traffickers, and buyers fear the Kansas City area.

#2 For every woman who is being exploited to know she has a place to come for help and that there is a way out when she is ready.

Q: What goals do you have for your role at RPOR?

A: I just hope to lead this organization in a way that allows us to accomplish what we have set out to do. Our vision is amazing but we actually have to make it happen!

We have accomplished awesome things with the Drop-In Center but we are only getting started and can’t lose sight of the big picture – where the Crisis Shelter is open and the supporting business are operational so we can impact as many people as possible.

lee gibson with rock of kc church in front of rpor drop in center

Q: What are you looking forward to the most while working here?

A: Impacting good people in a good way and bad people in a bad way!!

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: Right now there is very little “outside of work” but spending time with friends and family is at the top of that list.

Q: Why do you love working at RPOR?

A: I love working at RPOR because I feel like we are making a positive impact. Sometimes it’s hard to see through the messiness but when you catch a smile from one of the girls, or a well-timed “thank you”, or one of them comes in after going to rehab and tells us how good she is doing, it makes it all worth it!

It reminds us why we started this organization. I believe that everything I have done in my life has led me right here to do exactly this.

lee gibson at run to stop it fundraiser
RPOR is a collective impact organization. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for ALL the amazing people that have come around us to support this mission.

Adam and Jen LaRoche/ E3 Foundation, Pastor Phillip and Susan O’Reilly / The Rock of KC Church, all of our volunteers that sacrifice their time, all of our donors that sacrifice their money, and many other organizations that are on the frontlines with us in this fight.

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